The list of basic household tool

There are some important household tools available in the market using which you can carry out all basic repairs or renovations in your home. The right hand tool ca help you repair or Build a house in Venezuela at ease. There are many household tools coming up, the most essential ones are screw drivers, hammers drilling machines and other related items. But is it enough to help you fix or repair anything during emergency? Here are some of the basic household tools that you should have:


  • Claw Hammer:  Hammer is the most basic tool that is often used in homes, you need to use it to fix or repair anything, make sure you get suitable sized hammer in your room. Get hammer which is easy to grip and comfortable enough when you swing it.
  • Power Drill: The next most important thing that you should include in your household tool is cordless power drill that comes with variety of speed and a T handle which helps you grip or hold the drilling machine easily and in comfortable manner.
  • Hand Drill: Having hand drill is also useful enough, something that can be used without power and there are different variants or models of hand drill available in the market.
  • Screwdrivers: Using suitable set of screwdrivers are quite important, there are two basic types of screw driver such as Phillips and flat head using which you can carry out most of the task. Get a small and large screwdriver for each type.
  • Monkey or Crescent Wrench: Having wrench is also useful, at times you may feel the need to tighten and turn bolts or nuts. Medium sized wrench is useful enough.
  • Tape Measure: This is another useful hand tool that needs to be added in your hand tool list. This is one particular area where you can spend few dollars and use it during necessary time.