Best treadmill for home

In recent years, treadmill is becoming a very popular home workout equipment. You can use it for exercising without worrying about bad weather or lack of running space. In order to do this, you need to find a treadmill with good quality and fit your requirements. There are two types of treadmill, manual and motorized. Manual treadmill often comes with a cheap price but this treadmill only effect with young people since they usually have a good stamina and strength. The motorized one is quite different. They are programed with many training programs that fit for every type of user. And of course, they are more expensive. But if you are going to buy a home treadmill, you should choose a motorized one because it is easy to use and offer various program and function for family uses. And when it comes to buying a home treadmill, there are a lot of brand and manufacturer to choose from. Here we will give you a list of the best treadmill for home use.

Best folding treadmill

Sole F80 (1799.54$ – Amazon)


A product from one of the most popular treadmill brand. If you have little space and require a treadmill with folding feature then this is something you should consider.

Pros: As expect from the best treadmill producer. This treadmill is well built and has good quality materials. It has a high quality track with powerful motor and an LCD display. The product also comes with many training programs and a heart rate tracker. And of course, it is foldable. Very convenient for home use.

Cons: There are not much workout program include although you can download it online.

Best walking treadmill

Horizon T101 (699.00$ – Amazon)

If you usually train with treadmill by walking then you should take a look at this.

Pros: First, the price is a pretty good. It comes with nine built-in training program and heart rate tracker. The track can also incline to 10%, you can burn calories from walking just like running. It can also be folded up and easy to store.

Cons: The track are short so it may not fit your height. The motor is not very powerful, which is fine for walking and jogging. But if you want more intensive workouts, you should buy another treadmill with a more powerful motor.

Best running treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 (1255.58$ – Amazon)t101-1

A treadmill for runner

Pros: It has built-in running program for users from many level beginner, intermediate and advanced. Compatible with, has -3% quick decline and 15% quick incline control. Powerful monitor for intensive running.

Cons: If you are a serious runner then this home product may still haven’t met your requirement.

Best budget treadmill

nordic-track-c990Nordic track C990 (999$ – Amazon)

Not the cheapest treadmill in our list but we still put this as the best bang for the buck of today list.

Pros: This treadmill offers a powerful 3.0 CHP motor while still maintain a reasonable price. It also has 32 built-in workout program and all other popular feature like iFit, heart rate sensor, internet connection, and a quality screen. Plus, it is foldable.

Cons: Nothing. We find this is a really budget choice for all you home user.

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Small air compressor and its applications

small-air-compressorAir compressor is used widely nowadays. This machine can get the job done very effectively and for a reasonable price as well. Today we are not going to look at which machine is the toughest or anything. Instead, we are going to look into the small air compressor right now on the market, the one that is suitable for small projects at home.

Brief description:

Small air compressors are smaller, lighter,only, don’t expect them to do the heavy workload.

Types of small compressor:

Small air compressors now come with various size, brand, model and price choosing the right one is not going to be easy. However, the main distinction of these machine lies in the energy source to get them to work. They can be powered either by gasoline or by electricity.

First, let’s look at electrical one

This type function using electricity, much like any other household appliances you know. This thing is built even a lot lighter than your standard machine, which makes it very easy to move it around when needed without too much trouble. It is also environmentally friendly as it does not discharge any toxic fumes and cause little noise pollution. In addition, because it does not run on gasoline, there’s no need to worry about a possible fire accident during transport or storing this machine.

Second, small air compressor runs on gasoline

air-compressor-runs-on-gasolineIt is very robust and hence, packs more power and suitable for heavy tasks. Nevertheless, this machine should be used only for outdoors projects as it runs on gasoline and can discharge toxic gas and a lot of noise. On the bright side, it has pilot unloader valve, which closes and opens in accordance with the pressure inside the tank, which more than make up for the noise and toxic fume.


Because it is just a small air compressor, you obviously cannot expect it to perform heavy duty task. Other than that, this machine is capable of just about any household DIY project that you have in mind. Here are some of our suggestion.

1/ Let it snow

Live in the tropical area and you don’t have the chance to experience snow? Look for a video tutorial online to see how it’s done in order to recreate the same experience.

2/ Pressure washer

This machine will help pump up the water pressure so that you can scrape off even the most stubborn stain from the pavement. However, be careful and don’t point it at any animated creatures or pets so as not to hurt anyone.

3/ Paintball gun

This pressurized gas is enough to launch any small projectiles with great force. It may not be lethal but it is still enough to cause serious damage; therefore, be very careful and wear safety goggles when experimenting with it

4/ Airbrush paint

With this, you can now custom paint your own personal belongings. Get creative with it.

5/ Air tool

A better alternative to manual tools. Slightly more expensive but much more powerful, a great bargain.

Did we convince you to buy one? If so, click here to have a look at some of the best small air compressors on the market right now

How to choose the right automatic litter box?


There are plentiful researches which show us the benefits of raising a cat in our home. Cat not only gives you love, snugness, purrs but also boosts our energy and emotions. However, people who raise cats have to deal with the unpleasantness while getting rid of their stinking and dirty wastes. This is the reasons why automatic litter box was created. They help their owner to automatically clean itself regularly. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t totally automate the cleaning process, you will need to spend time preserving automatic litter box but comparing to the manual cleaning process, this device is much more comfortable.

There are a wide range of litter box manufacturers available on the market. To choose the best automatic cat litter box, you will need to consider carefully based on many factors such as the number of cats you raise and the position you are planning to place the litter box. In this article, we are going to show you the three basic litter boxes and their abilities in order to help you make better choice.

Automatic litter box classification

Below, we will introduce to you 3 types of automatic litter boxes based on how they clean the waste.

Rakes Litter Boxes

As its name, this litter box uses a rake to clean the waste at the specific time of the day after your cat doing its business. The soiled clumps will be pulled into a container for several days. You can keep it there and empty these waste after a few days instead of cleaning the litter box everyday. However, the cleaning interval length depends on how many cats you have and how much waste they generate.

Rotating Litter Boxes


This invention is pretty amazing. Your cat will go inside a big round compartment to finish its job. When it steps inside and later leave, the modification of the weight will trigger the cleaning process which will commence after a specific time length. The compartment will be rotated and the clumps will be moved to a new home – a large drawer.

Although, this device is very useful, it’s not perfect due to the size of the compartment only fit some kinds of cat.  In order to get rid of this weakness, rotating litter box producers should design the compartment whose size is adjustable. The rotating automatic litter box is quite expensive due to its great durability and ability.

Automatic Litter Box with flushing ability

This is probably the most innovative cat automatic little box because it works based on the similar mechanism of a flush toilet for human. It features the flushing ability aka cleaning with water. Additionally, this great litter box can automatically dry itself for the next use. Actually, this device has a special granule which is very durable and comfortable for your cat. However, this litter box also has some limited points. It must be linked to a cold water line and an energy source and therefore, you can’t place it anywhere you want.

Things to consider before buying a personal computer

new-computerIn this day and age of technology advancement, it is really hard for us to go by without using a computer. You could borrow your friend’s computer but that would make you dependent on him every time you want to use it. Buying one is no easy task, either. With so many types and brands of computer on the market, not to mention the diverse price range for each computer, buying a PC for yourself without knowing what you really want is no child’s play. Here are some tips from us to make it easier for you


First thing is budget, the deciding factor of the whole thing. The more money you are willing to spend, the better the quality of the computer. So think real hard about how much you want to spend on your “tech-toy”. Think also about your financial condition, you don’t want to spend lots of money on a really high-end computer at the expense of other necessities in life.

Your Purpose

Second, what do you expect from the computer with the amount of money you are willing to spend? In other word, what do you need from your computer? Do  you intend to use it for simple web browsing, watching episode 1 of Westworld for free or high-end gaming. Keep that in mind and use it to search for the specification that meets your requirement. For simple web browsing a low-end computer with on-board graphic card should suffice. For videos processing and gaming, the specification should be higher so as to experience no lag when using it. Just remember to search for one within your budget plan.

Depend on how you intend to use your computer the CPU should be powerful enough to handle your workload. This device can mean the difference between frequently lagging and smooth sailing for your computer. Reading news online or simple typing only requires an average CPU, whereas heavy gaming machine will require something much more powerful.

Hard Disk

Thirdly, hard disk of your PC. Again, for searching information on the internet, simple typing and occasionally relax with music and short clips, 120GB hard disk should be more than enough. For hardcore gamer and movie series “grinder”, however, extra disk space is an absolute must. 500GB is highly recommended to store all your favorite games, movies and series. Again keep in mind your budget plan when choosing the suitable one

Apart from that, RAM is also an important factor to take into consideration. If editing high quality videos is what you want to do then it might be a good idea to check out the quality and quantity of RAM before buying a computer as it will take up a lot of RAM.

Last but not least, if all the information seems too much for you, bring a friend who is an expert on computer with you. You will learn something new, get a computer with your requirement at a reasonable price and make your friend feel good.