5 things you should do when visit Venezuela 

visit-venezuelaVenezuela is one of the most popular and ultimate travel destinations in the world presently. There are lots of things to do and visit in Venezuela Home. There special attractions in this part of the world, its unique wildlife and diversity of birds will excite you. This particular place in the world is also famous for its highest cable car. Any individual can sail gently through the backwaters to see unspoiled creatures in its natural habitat or meet unmolested people living in forests. There are plenty of options available in Venezuela and this is undoubtedly the best place to visit at least once in lifetime.

Climb Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is quite popular in this part of the world. Many tourists come to this part to climb Mount Roraima, known for its graceful waterfalls, ancient crags and insect eating plants. There are many adventure companies organizing challenging treks that requires minimum of five days’ time.

Dance with the devil

Another exciting thig to do in Venezuela is to dance with devil masked performer in colorful new outfits. This is organized in a small town named San Francisco de Yare and it is based on Catholic tradition which dates back way to the Middle Ages.

Dive at Parque Nacional Mochima

This is one place where you should visit. Situated on the northeast coast there are hundreds of offshore islets and islands where you can dive, fish, swim or snorkel at ease. The place is surrounded by coral reefs and there are countless beaches around.

Go on safari

This is something which is quite unique and you can get close to caiman, monkeys, and birds on jungle safari. There are specialized tours operators carrying out such trips.

Visit indigenous people

Experience the thrill of visiting indigenous people of Venezuela who dwell in houses raised above lake on stilts. This trip will excite every tourist and is worth enough.