Best treadmill for home

In recent years, treadmill is becoming a very popular home workout equipment. You can use it for exercising without worrying about bad weather or lack of running space. In order to do this, you need to find a treadmill with good quality and fit your requirements. There are two types of treadmill, manual and motorized. Manual treadmill often comes with a cheap price but this treadmill only effect with young people since they usually have a good stamina and strength. The motorized one is quite different. They are programed with many training programs that fit for every type of user. And of course, they are more expensive. But if you are going to buy a home treadmill, you should choose a motorized one because it is easy to use and offer various program and function for family uses. And when it comes to buying a home treadmill, there are a lot of brand and manufacturer to choose from. Here we will give you a list of the best treadmill for home use.

Best folding treadmill

Sole F80 (1799.54$ – Amazon)


A product from one of the most popular treadmill brand. If you have little space and require a treadmill with folding feature then this is something you should consider.

Pros: As expect from the best treadmill producer. This treadmill is well built and has good quality materials. It has a high quality track with powerful motor and an LCD display. The product also comes with many training programs and a heart rate tracker. And of course, it is foldable. Very convenient for home use.

Cons: There are not much workout program include although you can download it online.

Best walking treadmill

Horizon T101 (699.00$ – Amazon)

If you usually train with treadmill by walking then you should take a look at this.

Pros: First, the price is a pretty good. It comes with nine built-in training program and heart rate tracker. The track can also incline to 10%, you can burn calories from walking just like running. It can also be folded up and easy to store.

Cons: The track are short so it may not fit your height. The motor is not very powerful, which is fine for walking and jogging. But if you want more intensive workouts, you should buy another treadmill with a more powerful motor.

Best running treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 (1255.58$ – Amazon)t101-1

A treadmill for runner

Pros: It has built-in running program for users from many level beginner, intermediate and advanced. Compatible with, has -3% quick decline and 15% quick incline control. Powerful monitor for intensive running.

Cons: If you are a serious runner then this home product may still haven’t met your requirement.

Best budget treadmill

nordic-track-c990Nordic track C990 (999$ – Amazon)

Not the cheapest treadmill in our list but we still put this as the best bang for the buck of today list.

Pros: This treadmill offers a powerful 3.0 CHP motor while still maintain a reasonable price. It also has 32 built-in workout program and all other popular feature like iFit, heart rate sensor, internet connection, and a quality screen. Plus, it is foldable.

Cons: Nothing. We find this is a really budget choice for all you home user.

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