Small air compressor and its applications

small-air-compressorAir compressor is used widely nowadays. This machine can get the job done very effectively and for a reasonable price as well. Today we are not going to look at which machine is the toughest or anything. Instead, we are going to look into the small air compressor right now on the market, the one that is suitable for small projects at home.

Brief description:

Small air compressors are smaller, lighter,only, don’t expect them to do the heavy workload.

Types of small compressor:

Small air compressors now come with various size, brand, model and price choosing the right one is not going to be easy. However, the main distinction of these machine lies in the energy source to get them to work. They can be powered either by gasoline or by electricity.

First, let’s look at electrical one

This type function using electricity, much like any other household appliances you know. This thing is built even a lot lighter than your standard machine, which makes it very easy to move it around when needed without too much trouble. It is also environmentally friendly as it does not discharge any toxic fumes and cause little noise pollution. In addition, because it does not run on gasoline, there’s no need to worry about a possible fire accident during transport or storing this machine.

Second, small air compressor runs on gasoline

air-compressor-runs-on-gasolineIt is very robust and hence, packs more power and suitable for heavy tasks. Nevertheless, this machine should be used only for outdoors projects as it runs on gasoline and can discharge toxic gas and a lot of noise. On the bright side, it has pilot unloader valve, which closes and opens in accordance with the pressure inside the tank, which more than make up for the noise and toxic fume.


Because it is just a small air compressor, you obviously cannot expect it to perform heavy duty task. Other than that, this machine is capable of just about any household DIY project that you have in mind. Here are some of our suggestion.

1/ Let it snow

Live in the tropical area and you don’t have the chance to experience snow? Look for a video tutorial online to see how it’s done in order to recreate the same experience.

2/ Pressure washer

This machine will help pump up the water pressure so that you can scrape off even the most stubborn stain from the pavement. However, be careful and don’t point it at any animated creatures or pets so as not to hurt anyone.

3/ Paintball gun

This pressurized gas is enough to launch any small projectiles with great force. It may not be lethal but it is still enough to cause serious damage; therefore, be very careful and wear safety goggles when experimenting with it

4/ Airbrush paint

With this, you can now custom paint your own personal belongings. Get creative with it.

5/ Air tool

A better alternative to manual tools. Slightly more expensive but much more powerful, a great bargain.

Did we convince you to buy one? If so, click here to have a look at some of the best small air compressors on the market right now