How to choose the right automatic litter box?


There are plentiful researches which show us the benefits of raising a cat in our home. Cat not only gives you love, snugness, purrs but also boosts our energy and emotions. However, people who raise cats have to deal with the unpleasantness while getting rid of their stinking and dirty wastes. This is the reasons why automatic litter box was created. They help their owner to automatically clean itself regularly. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t totally automate the cleaning process, you will need to spend time preserving automatic litter box but comparing to the manual cleaning process, this device is much more comfortable.

There are a wide range of litter box manufacturers available on the market. To choose the best automatic cat litter box, you will need to consider carefully based on many factors such as the number of cats you raise and the position you are planning to place the litter box. In this article, we are going to show you the three basic litter boxes and their abilities in order to help you make better choice.

Automatic litter box classification

Below, we will introduce to you 3 types of automatic litter boxes based on how they clean the waste.

Rakes Litter Boxes

As its name, this litter box uses a rake to clean the waste at the specific time of the day after your cat doing its business. The soiled clumps will be pulled into a container for several days. You can keep it there and empty these waste after a few days instead of cleaning the litter box everyday. However, the cleaning interval length depends on how many cats you have and how much waste they generate.

Rotating Litter Boxes


This invention is pretty amazing. Your cat will go inside a big round compartment to finish its job. When it steps inside and later leave, the modification of the weight will trigger the cleaning process which will commence after a specific time length. The compartment will be rotated and the clumps will be moved to a new home – a large drawer.

Although, this device is very useful, it’s not perfect due to the size of the compartment only fit some kinds of cat.  In order to get rid of this weakness, rotating litter box producers should design the compartment whose size is adjustable. The rotating automatic litter box is quite expensive due to its great durability and ability.

Automatic Litter Box with flushing ability

This is probably the most innovative cat automatic little box because it works based on the similar mechanism of a flush toilet for human. It features the flushing ability aka cleaning with water. Additionally, this great litter box can automatically dry itself for the next use. Actually, this device has a special granule which is very durable and comfortable for your cat. However, this litter box also has some limited points. It must be linked to a cold water line and an energy source and therefore, you can’t place it anywhere you want.