Things to consider before buying a personal computer

new-computerIn this day and age of technology advancement, it is really hard for us to go by without using a computer. You could borrow your friend’s computer but that would make you dependent on him every time you want to use it. Buying one is no easy task, either. With so many types and brands of computer on the market, not to mention the diverse price range for each computer, buying a PC for yourself without knowing what you really want is no child’s play. Here are some tips from us to make it easier for you


First thing is budget, the deciding factor of the whole thing. The more money you are willing to spend, the better the quality of the computer. So think real hard about how much you want to spend on your “tech-toy”. Think also about your financial condition, you don’t want to spend lots of money on a really high-end computer at the expense of other necessities in life.

Your Purpose

Second, what do you expect from the computer with the amount of money you are willing to spend? In other word, what do you need from your computer? Do  you intend to use it for simple web browsing, watching episode 1 of Westworld for free or high-end gaming. Keep that in mind and use it to search for the specification that meets your requirement. For simple web browsing a low-end computer with on-board graphic card should suffice. For videos processing and gaming, the specification should be higher so as to experience no lag when using it. Just remember to search for one within your budget plan.

Depend on how you intend to use your computer the CPU should be powerful enough to handle your workload. This device can mean the difference between frequently lagging and smooth sailing for your computer. Reading news online or simple typing only requires an average CPU, whereas heavy gaming machine will require something much more powerful.

Hard Disk

Thirdly, hard disk of your PC. Again, for searching information on the internet, simple typing and occasionally relax with music and short clips, 120GB hard disk should be more than enough. For hardcore gamer and movie series “grinder”, however, extra disk space is an absolute must. 500GB is highly recommended to store all your favorite games, movies and series. Again keep in mind your budget plan when choosing the suitable one

Apart from that, RAM is also an important factor to take into consideration. If editing high quality videos is what you want to do then it might be a good idea to check out the quality and quantity of RAM before buying a computer as it will take up a lot of RAM.

Last but not least, if all the information seems too much for you, bring a friend who is an expert on computer with you. You will learn something new, get a computer with your requirement at a reasonable price and make your friend feel good.