How to Clean Your Air Mattress

In order to achieve the best performance your air mattress bed could provide, it is very important that you give it the proper attention especially when cleaning it. Cleaning your mattress does not need a lot of time nor elaborate procedure, it just needs the proper cleaning procedures in order to maximize and lengthen its use. While some auto inflatable air mattresses
includes a kit in cleaning it, you can do some cleansing that is very simple.

Make sure that you clean your air mattress at least once a week and if it is necessary, clean it after use especially when used outdoors.

While it is still inflated, check for holes or loose thread especially on the edges brought by overuse or bearing of too much weight. You could also check if there is the peeling of its outer covering due to sun exposure and even humid temperature. In case you notice something that shows that its outer appearance is peeling or not working due to holes, check your warranty so that you can ask your dealer for replacement or repairs.

You can wash it with running water or you can wipe it with a wet cloth but dry it using a dry cloth instead of drying it under the sun. The heat of the sun will cause your mattress covering to become crisp and will also leave water marks on its surface. You can also use some disinfectant and soap in washing your adjustable air mattresses so that germs and bacteria will be removed. Feel for rough surfaces and peeling skin under it.

In order to protect your air bed mattress, place a cloth under it so that cold will not seep through it and will not rub with the surface. You can use also a blanket before you lie down on it so that sweat will not be absorbed by it. If you are going to store it in the closet, check first all its sides to make sure that it is clean and there are no insects that are hiding in it. Fold it very neatly, insert in its cloth or plastic bag and store in your closet. Make sure that your closet is free from cockroaches so that it will not spread bacteria to the air mattress when it is stored. Don’t afraid to use your air mattress outdoor. The best way to enjoy it is by using it and serving its purpose. Avoid scattering food and water on top it. Make sure that no pointed objects are hitting it when you spread it on the ground. If you find yourself having a hard inflating it, check your air inflator of possible malfunctioning or possibly, your mattress has a hole in it. Just enjoy your air mattress – have a comfortable and convenient sleep or a grand party with it and be sure to clean it the day after in order to preserve it, hence maximizing its use. With an air mattress, life is easier and better