How to use an epilator

Tired of using hair removal creams? Not sure how to remove unwanted hair? There are amazing new products available in the market that simplifies your effort. The best epilator is worth a buy, easy solution or all your hair removal concerns. Some of these devices are best known to remove unwanted hair easily in few minutes time. Epilator is growing in use these days and its effectiveness make it even more beneficial and worth. But there are some important things to consider before you buy epilator. Every individual needs to know how epilator works, how to use it and numerous other important things.

Selecting the right device


With time there are many variants or models of epilators available in the market but before you randomly buy any product it is important to select the right device. With so many variants and models of epilators in the market, selecting the best one is bit tough. Check all the epilators available in the market and compare it to identify the best one. If you are not user which one to use exactly, seek expert help or buy any cheap model to check how it goes. With time as you start using epilators you can realize the best model meeting your need.

How to Use?

Once you are done selecting the best epilator for your need, it is important to learn how to use the device. Most of these models are ease to use, ensure you hold it upright at an angle of 90 degrees to start. Hold the epilator comfortably and naturally, move it slowly. The next most important thing while using epilator, don’t press it too hard against the skin. Hold the epilator loose, there are rotatory tweezers that will grab hairs from your skin and pull it out. Epilators come with unique features, you don’t have to press it hard against your skin.

Hold Skin Taut

leg-hairWhen you are using the epilator it is important to hold the skin taut. Always hold your skin properly, something that helps in minimizing the pain and key aspect to an efficient epilation. When you are using the device for your underarms make sure you raise hands over your head. Stretch your hands as much as possible so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while using the epilator. Initially it will cause pain and may bleed too, so be strong enough to overcome these problems. Strong roots and coarse hair make the process bit tough, but that’s only in the beginning.


Epilate against hair growth

The most important thing about epilator use is that move it against the direction of hair growth. Don’t press it too hard, slowly move it. Moving the epilator way too fast will cut hair at the surface rather being pulled out from the root. Take some time and have patience, epilator will make the task easy for you and help you get hairless body in short span of time. Enjoy using epilator while watching a movie or listening to your favorite music!