How to clean a mattress topper

mattress-topperWith time there are some of the best mattresses coming up in the market which is known to give whole new comfort and pleasure while sleeping. If you want to get the same feeling for years to make, be prepared to maintain the piece or clean it once in a year. Not many individuals or users are aware of best mattress topper for side sleepers cleaning technique but this helps you to get rid of all bacteria, dust mites and allergens that build up over its surface over time. Spend some time during free hours to clean matter topper, something that will give you the chance to enjoy sound sleep.
When it comes cleaning, the following steps can help you clean mattress topper within few hours’ time:

Remove stains from foam

The most important stage of the cleaning process is removing stains. There are times when strains develop over the surface of the mattress, so how do you remove those? Firstly dampen the stain by applying plain water and accordingly sprinkle some dry boric acid over it. Blot the area or stain with piece of cloth or sponge in circular manner till it disappears. Another option is to use hydrogen peroxide over the stains. Follow the same process mentioned above using sponge or cloth in a circular motion.
There are some pet stain removers available in the market, mostly in pet stores. Using these products can also help you in cleaning stains within few minutes time. Apply the mixture over the stain remover and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Blot the place using vacuum or damp cloth till it dries. These techniques are simple and hassle free, any individual can carry out the task at home during free hours. If you fail to follow these techniques or not satisfied with the result it is suggested to seek the help of professional mattress cleaners available in the market.

Removing Odors

Another most common concern seen among mattress users is removing bad odors that develops with time, mostly that of vomit or urine. At times cigarette smoke can lead to bad smell, how to remove it? There are some simple techniques available which can help you deal with the situation at ease.

  • The best way to remove bad odors is sprinkling baking soda over the entire mattress, and allow it to sit all night. Make sure you vacuum carefully with soft brush or hand properly.
  • There are some citrus based cleaning products available in the market, use spray bottle to use these cleaning products over the foam. Give sufficient time to dry.
  • Apart from the above mentioned products there are some commercially available items such as Clorox or Proctor & Gamble which can prove to be an effective item in removing or reducing bad smell from mattresses.

Additional Tips

Mattresses can be costly, so it is important to maintain and clean it every 6 months. To extend its life span make sure you rotate and flip the mattresses in 3 or 4 months’ time.